The Gadget Review Roundup: Samsung UA55C9000 LED Smart TV

April 26, 2012


A TV whose dimensions are thinner than an iPad? Yes. Samsung’s flagship LED TV is as much about form as it is about function. Its chrome base, brushed metal lines and crystal clarity are evidence enough that Samsung is a true king of industry when it comes to television.

It does come at a price, however. Literally. This TV will cost you R66 000. Do Full HD, LED edge lighting and a 200Hz Ultra Clear Panel justify the price?

“Not only is the Samsung C9000 one of the most beautiful TVs we've seen, but it's also one of the most feature-packed.”

“...Given the TV's thinness, we'd be lying if we said we weren't skeptical about the television’s potential to deliver a brilliant picture. But having tested it we can actually say our fears were unfounded — this is a brilliant little performer.”

“…Sound quality was very good, and better when in pedestal mode. The on-board speakers are clear, can go loud and are decently dynamic with movie soundtracks.”

“…Are Ferrari's expensive? Are Rolex's too dear? You can't compare this TV directly with other consumer goods on the market as it sits by itself. Sure, on value for money, it stinks, but there's a lot more at play here. Samsung has a long-standing partnership with Bang & Olufsen and the C9000 shares a a similar aesthetic with that brand.”

“Samsung has clearly put a lot of effort into the design and construction of the Series 9 (UA55C9000), and the end result is one of the best-looking televisions to grace our Test Centre. It is incredibly thin even for an edge-lit LED television, at 7.8mm deep across the panel. The television’s bezel and base are constructed of polished brushed stainless steel and the entire panel is very well constructed. When moving the television on its swivel stand, it does not wobble or flex — given how thin the large is, this is an impressive achievement.”

“…The Samsung Series 9 (UA55C9000) is a very expensive television. Even though it’s packed full of features and is seriously sexy, we’d struggle to justify its high price tag. With price out of the equation, it’s a very impressive performer with an excellent compromise of industrial design, style, visual performance and technology.”

“They don’t get any more collectible than this brushed titanium beauty with 1.25” razor thin depth (the top half is even thinner). The included brushed titanium table top stand includes many of the video boards and components. The neck is clear. The effect of the TV when you see it is, “Wow, that looks expensive!” Fortunately, it's not as expensive as it looks.”

“Picture quality is rarely less than ravishing. The panel itself is preternaturally sharp. Still images have a ruthless clarity that’s quite mesmerising. Colour vibrancy is bold and there’s a well-like blackness to its images which creates tremendous depth. We’re not sure TV and movies are meant to zing quite as loudly as they do with this set, but for sheer eye-candy it’s difficult to beat.”

“… The UE55C9000 is a head-turner of a TV. Exquisitely made, and blessed with Samsung’s most advanced picture technology, it’s much more than just another big 3D telly. For the market-leading Koreans this is a statement product - and comes with a price tag to match. In truth, the screen isn’t flawless, its 3D performance is compromised by crosstalk and the touchscreen remote is a spectacular fail. But to carp is to miss the point. While every other TV manufacturer is aiming low, Samsung has reached high. Awesome job, guys.”

From Stuff Magazine
“Its Touch Remote control is a ground-breaking gadget on its own: it streams video from the TV and plays it on its touchscreen display, even if you’re in a separate room. You can watch TV on the remote control, while playing DVDs or Blu-ray on the main display.”

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