What is C Surance?

At Cell C we understand the importance a mobile phone plays in your daily life and just how you are impacted by the theft, loss or damage of the phone, let alone the costs associated with having to replace or repair a phone for cash.

We are proud to offer our customers C Surance, a fully comprehensive cellphone insurance product, underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited.

C Surance offers you the peace of mind of knowing your phone is covered for a variety of incidents. You can cover handsets up to a maximum of R20 000, at very affordable premiums.

C Surance benefits:

  • Cover against theft, accidental loss and accidental physical damage
  • SIM card cover for the replacement of a SIM in the event of the SIM being lost, stolen or damaged  in conjunction with the cellphone it was registered with.

For an additional R30 per month, customers can apply for C Surance PLUS, which includes the following covers:

  • Cover against unlawful usage of a SIM, for 24 hours after the phone has been reported lost or stolen.
  • Cover on the outstsanding amount (up to R7000) on the account in the event of death, permanent disability or retrenchment.
  • Extended warranty, up to 24 months, for phones that have a manufacturer warranty of less than 24 months.

C Surance premiums:

The C Surance premiums are based on handset value. The appropriate band will be selected according to retail value of the handset.

  Value of Cellphone Monthly premium (VAT incl.)
1. Up to R1 000 R35.00
2. R1 001 to R2 500 R45.00
3. R2 501 to R5 000 R69.00
4. R5 001 to R7 500 R119.00
5. R7 501 to R9 000 R149.00
6. R9 001 to R12 000 R189.00
7. R12 001 to R15 000 R239.00
8. R15 001 to R20 000 R299.00
  PLUS (Additional cover on options 1 to 8) R30.00

These premiums are only available to Cell C subscribers
Premiums will be charged to your Cell C bill on a monthly basis.

Who can get C Surance?

C Surance is available to Postpaid and Top Up customers. Customers can activate C Surance at any point during their contract and the excess structure will apply.

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