ActiveChat benefits

This offer has been discontinued and is no longer available to customers. The information set out below is for those customers who are currently on these offers and should not be misunderstood as being currently available for purchase.

There are no contractual cuffs 'cos we know that with you it's all about living in the moment. So, we don't tell you how long your contract should be - you tell us! You can choose from a 1, 12 or 24 month contract.
To include or not to include... minutes that is - Choose between 100 minutes on activechat 100 or 220 minutes on activechat 220. That's a lot of talk time!
With our friends & family savings you get to choose your seven most frequently dialled numbers and pay a special discounted rate on calls to these numbers.
Got friends or family overseas? No worries! With a Cell C cellphone in your hand, the world is your oyster. You can call anywhere in the world without paying more than you need to. In fact, we'll give you 10% discount on international calls.
Value Pack cover is a value added service that comes standard on all activechat contracts. It covers for loss or theft and has extended warranty on the cellphone but does not cover physical damage.

Doing things halfway is not your style.

Your work and social life are equally active, and you need a contract that can keep up with the pace, one that will keep you chatting throughout the day and into the night.

Cell C's activechat range offers you affordability with the choice of 100 or 220 included anytime minutes.


Contract length (months) 1, 12 or 24
Connection fee R 195
Monthly fee R 250
Included monthly airtime 100 anytime


Contract length (months) 1, 12 or 24
Connection fee R 195
Monthly fee R 399
Included monthly airtime 220 anytime


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