CasualChat benefits

This offer has been discontinued and is no longer available to customers. The information set out below is for those customers who are currently on these offers and should not be misunderstood as being currently available for purchase.

There are no contractual cuffs 'cos we know that with you it's all about living in the moment. So, we don't tell you how long your contract should be - you tell us! You can choose from a 1, 12 or 24 month contract.
We offer an unbeatable choice of included minutes or SMS. You can choose between 100 off-peak minutes on CASUALCHAT 100, 200 anytime SMS on casual SMS or 50 minutes anytime on CASUALCHAT anytime.
With our friends & family savings you get to choose your seven most frequently dialled numbers and pay a special discounted rate to all peak calls to these numbers.
Got friends or family overseas? No worries! With a Cell C cellphone in your hand, the world is your oyster. You can call anywhere in the world without paying more than you need to. In fact, we'll give you 10% discount on international calls.
We don't believe you should pay for time you don't use. That's why per second billing is available on CASUALCHAT. It's only fair - and totally transparent (Applies after the first 60 seconds).

You are young, well connected, and you can spot the next big thing coming from miles away.

You need CASUALCHAT, a contract to match your potential, something flexible that won't break the bank.

CASUALCHAT is an affordable contract range that includes a choice of included off-peak minutes, anytime minutes or anytime SMS.

It's a great choice if you are looking for your first contract, or if you simply don't want to waste all your time yakking on the phone.

Places to go, people to see! So, whether you want off-peak minutes or prefer to SMS, there is a CASUALCHAT option to suit your lifestyle - and your budget.

There's no other contract like it!


Contract length (months) 1, 12 or 24
Connection fee R 195
Monthly fee R 130
Included monthly airtime 50 anytime


Contract length (months) 1, 12 or 24
Connection fee R 195
Monthly fee R 115
Included monthly airtime 100 off-peak


Contract length (months) 1, 12 or 24
Connection fee R 195
Monthly fee R 115
Included SMS per month 200 anytime SMS


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