ValueChat benefits

This offer has been discontinued and is no longer available to customers. The information set out below is for those customers who are currently on these offers and should not be misunderstood as being currently available for purchase.

Even there are no free minutes included for Value Chat, you only pay for what you use on our very competitive rates.
Per second billing applies after the first 60 seconds of each call.
Itemised Billing and Caller Line Identity will be added by default upon connection. However, both these services involve additional costs. So if you're cutting costs, you can choose to opt out of them.

Pay only for what you want: airtime.

So you pay for your calls, and nothing but your calls. Not only that, but your calls are charged at seriously competitive rates!

The bottom line is that this is simply the most cost-effective contract in the country and it's only a month-to-month contract.


Contract length (months) month to month
Connection fee R 195
SIM fee R 85 Once-off
Included monthly airtime None


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