data FAQs

Will there be a rollover of my unused monthly data?

No, unfortunately the data allocation resets each month, so any unused data from the previous month will not rollover. On the 1st of each month, your account will be replenished with 2GB/5GB again.

Can I use another operator's dongle with my Cell C SIM?

Yes, as long as the dongle is UMTS 900 capable - otherwise you will not get the best speed experience.

Can I buy the promo and use it on EDGE until the network is launched in my area?

Cell C only offers the data promotion in areas where HSPA+ 900 coverage has been launched. Should you use our new SIM and dongle in an area with EDGE coverage you will receive sub-optimal speed and performance. This is not recommended.

Is there a chance that the promotion will be sold out before your new network is launched in my area?

Cell C will ensure that the promotion is available in all our launch cities over the period of the promotion, so there's no need to fly around the country to get hold of it.

How do I get provisioned for HSPA+ on my handset?

At this stage only customers who purchase Cell C's Data Promotion are provisioned for HSPA+.

All other Data Related Questions

  • When will Cell C be launching the new HSPA+ network in my city?

Cell C is rolling out the HSPA+ network in a city-by-city approach to ensure stability and the best quality network in the country. Please keep an eye on your local press or our website for announcements of the launch in your area.

  • What is the Out-of-Bundle rate on data?

R 0.99/MB

  • How do I recharge my data account once my bundle is depleted?

You will need to recharge your data account with standard Cell C Prepaid airtime.

  • Can I recharge while I still have airtime?

Yes, the value of their new recharge voucher will be added to the airtime balance in your account.

  • Can I update the firmware on my Vodafone device with the Cell C software/drivers?

No, but the SIM should work in the device if it is 900MHz capable, and as long as the dongle is not SIM-locked/network-locked.

  • What do I do if I lose my SIM?

  • Purchase a new starter pack
  • Dial 084 140 and have the following ready:
    • Your ID number
    • Latest recharge information
    • New SIM card serial number
  • Wait 24 hours before inserting your new SIM card into your USB speed stick.

  • What do I do if I lose my USB Speed Stick and SIM or if I'm a victim of theft?

Call 084 140 to temporarily deactivate your SIM card. If you would like to blacklist your Speed Stick:

  • Report the theft and obtain a case number
  • Fill in a blacklisting form and fax it to 084 14329

  • Why can't I install my USB Speed Stick?

  • Try a different USB port
  • On Windows, open "My computer", look for the Cell C icon and double click on it to start the software. On Mac OS X go to the Applications folder and double click the Cell C icon
  • Software from other networks/devices may be incompatible with your Cell C USB Modem. Uninstall all other modem/dongle software, then restart your computer and re-install the Cell C software
  • Check that any anti-virus, security or firewall software installed on your computer isn't blocking the installation of the modem. Temporarily disable this software while installing your connection manager software. Don't forget to re-enable this software after the installation process is complete
  • Check with your network administrator that you have the necessary permissions to install new software. This will only apply if your computer is normally connected to a LAN such as at work or university
  • Make sure that you have the latest Windows or Mac operating system updates installed on your computer.

  • I received a message that said the device has been disconnected or is unavailable, what does that mean?

Plug your Speed Stick into a different USB port and try again.

  • Why am I not getting high data speeds?

Update your settings by selecting WCDMA under the options menu on the Network settings. Remember to press the "apply" button to save your settings:

  • Look into the bottom left corner of the Connection manager. If it displays "EDGE", it means you're outside the coverage of the new HSPA+ Cell C network
  • Your device might not be compatible with the new Cell C network
    • Tools available online
    • For the best coverage, please refer to our coverage map. Just fill in your address and find out whether you're within the HSPA+ coverage!
    • Our coverage increases every day, so if your address is not within the HSPA+ coverage, just wait and we'll get there.
  • For modem compatibility, please refer to the "Modem compatibility" section of the terms and conditions
  • For handset compatibility check, follow the next steps:
  • Open a browser page and go to http://www.gsmarena.com/
  • On the top right corner, in the box labeled "quick phone search", type the vendor name (e.g., Nokia) and model (e.g.: E66)
  • In the page with specs returned, look into the first box ("General") -> "3G network" and look for HSDPA 900. If listed, then the handset is compatible with our new network.
    • If in the "General" section there is no HSDPA 900, then the handset is not compatible with Cell C's new network (you will be able to make calls and browse, but not at the same high speed and voice quality). If in the "General" section there is no "3G network" section, then the handset is not compatible with Cell C's new network (it supports only 2G); you will be able to make calls and browse, but not at the same high speed and voice quality

  • My computer doesn't recognise the modem - what should I do?

Try a different USB port. If this is still unsuccessful, have your computer checked by an authorised service agent.

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