SMS Bundles

Communicating via SMS now costs a whole lot less with SMS bundles from Cell C.

If you are a Cell C contract customer, you can simply add an SMS bundle to your existing contract and get great value with a fixed number of SMSs each month.

Once your SMS pack is used up, Cell C's savings kick in again with any additional SMSs billed at extremely low and competitive rates, especially during peak times.

  • Unused SMS will not roll over to the next month
  • International SMS's don't apply to the SMS bundles, they will be billed separately at the normal international SMS rate.
  • Competition SMS's and premium SMS's are also excluded from the SMS bundle and will be billed separately at the advised rate.

Contract customers please call 140 to activate your SMS bundle

Package Number of
Included SMSs
(incl. VAT)
Price per
included SMS
Charge per excess
1 25 R7.50 R0.30 R0.50
2 50 R15.00 R0.30 R0.50
3 100 R30.00 R0.30 R0.30
4 200 R45.00 R0.22 R0.30
5 300 R65.00 R0.21 R0.30
6 500 R105.00 R0.21 R0.20


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