From 19 July, calls to France, Ireland, the Netherlands and US Virgin Islands also 99c per minute, on per second billing on the Cell C network

Cell C has extended its 99c per minute, on per second billing international call tariff to France, Ireland, the Netherlands and US Virgin Islands, bringing the total number of countries on the 99c tariff to 38. 

“Since we launched our 99c international rate, call volumes to the participating countries have increased drastically.  In one case we have seen call traffic increased by more than 2000%,” says Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig.

He says the 99c rate is set as the default tariff for these countries and 34 more on all prepaid and contract packages.  The 99c tariff was lodged as a permanent tariff with ICASA for the 38 countries, effective 19 July.

“Our negotiations with international operators continue to ensure we can offer a rate that is compelling and transparent.  All calls are billed on a per second basis so you only pay for the time you spend on a call.

Knott-Craig says all international calls are pure circuit-switched calls (non-VoIP) ensuring the best quality possible.

Countries included in the 99c International Zone:

Geographical regions
Africa Americas Asia Oceania Europe
Angola Bermuda Bangladesh Australia Austria
Egypt Canada Brunei Guam Belgium
Kenya Puerto Rico China New Zealand Cyprus
Malawi USA Hong Kong   France
Nigeria US Virgin Islands India   Germany
    Laos   Greece
    Macau   Ireland
    Malaysia   Italy
    Pakistan   Netherlands
    Singapore   Portugal
    South Korea   Sweden
    Thailand   UK


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