System Upgrade Status Report 1

Bald guy again.

I promised an update, so here goes.

Things are still good. Each hour we’re able to fix more of the minor issues every system upgrade brings. There a couple that you may know about, so here’s an update on them:

The brand new PC’s running in the call centre are playing havoc with the volume settings. A few customers are experiencing silent calls. If you’re one, we’re working on it.

We know we had some trouble changing some of your personal details, like addresses. If it's not urgent, email us and we’ll get to it in a couple of days. Our team is attending to this error and we hope it will be fixed soon.

If you've tried to redeem your airtime voucher a couple of times and now it's locked, we know about it and our IT genius's are tapping at their keyboards!

It seems our call centre agents can't email invoices at the moment. If you're phoning to get a copy of your invoice emailed to you, please bear with us while we fix this small hiccup. By the way, have you tried getting it from our website?

More later. Keep Facebooking and Tweeting.

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