With, mobile internet giant Cell C is literally putting the power in your hands!

On June 16th 1976, a group of incredibly brave young students embarked on a protest march, making their voices heard against the injustices of the time. They were fighting to learn in a language that they understood. Thanks in large part to their actions, we’re now free to express ourselves using whatever words, language or technology (cell phones, mobile internet etc.) we choose.

Cell C is going to get the youth of South Africa talking, and celebrating their own language, and others by starting a South African Urban Dictionary,

It’s the platform for the youth to express themselves in a way that they understand.

It also creates a way for the youth to share their words with peers of different cultures, and learn something in the process.

So go to now and submit your word. The first 10 words that are published will win an F250 cell phone, Cell C Welcome Pack and a R50 recharge voucher.

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