LTE Coverage

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the first mobile technology developed specifically for high-speed data. Cell C has launched a trial service in four major cities; Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria in order to commence with testing of this LTE technology.

Cell C has selected a group of heavy data users that fall within these current coverage areas on our network to participate in this trial. These testing groups each receive a Huawei LTE dongle and 100GB of data to test the company’s new LTE service for a limited time.

While coverage is limited for the time being, we are excited to bring high-speeds to our selected trial customers. Once we have feedback on the service experienced from these customers, we plan to expand the service to other customers.

Cell C does not intend to roll-out LTE on a national scale until there is more clarity regarding government’s broadband plans for South Africa.

Cell C would like to see the formation of a consortium consisting of both private and government entities that will be enabled to roll-out a national LTE network, using the spectrum that becomes available when broadcasters switch from analogue to digital.

Trial testing areas, per city, can be seen below;

Sandton (Johannesburg) trial testing area

Sandton trial testing


Pretoria trial testing area

Pretoria trial testing


Durban trial testing area

Durban trial testing


Cape Town trial testing area

Cape Town trial testing

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