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Who do I contact with my billing query?

Billing or account queries can only be handled by your service provider, and pending changes to national law, all subscribers, whether prepaid or contract, must provide identification and contact details as part of their application for service.

How do I check my account balance on a contract?

Check your account by phoning 140 or contact your Cell C service provider for up-to-date billing and account history enquiries or SMS 'bal' or "balance" to 14302 or you can dial *147#, and select option 3

What are my responsibilities as a Cell C subscriber?

All Cell C subscribers are responsible for paying their bills on time through their service provider.

Who will send me my bill?

Your service provider will send your bill and you are responsible for paying it on time. Prepaid customers are not provided with a bill. If you are not sure who your service provider is you can find out online. All we need is your Cell C number.

How do I report an incident that occurs?

  1. By fax (084 14 329)
  2. By approaching any Cell C store
  3. By calling into the Contact Centre (084 140)
  4. By emailing custserv@cellc.co.za

All other Support Related Questions

  • Are there any limitations on the number of Cell C-Cover incidents?

If you have more than three (3) incidents within 18 months, the C-Cover product will be de-activated.

  • What time frame do I have to report the Incident to Cell C?

If any event that loss or theft of the Cellphone occurs, giving rise to an incident under the C-Cover Provisions, the Subscriber must immediately notify the Cell C Contact Centre (084-140), not later than 3 days after such loss or theft to initiate the deactivation of the MSISDN number relating to the SIM Card.

  • What time frame do I have to report the Incident to the Police?

The Subscriber must report any loss or theft of the Cellphone to the relevant police station within 3 working days of the happening of such a loss or theft and must obtain a police case number.

  • What time frame do I have to submit a Incident Form to Cell C?

Within 30 days of the happening of any event giving rise to an incident relating to the Equipment or a request for a Waiver of Debit Balance, the Subscriber must submit a completed written incident form to Cell C in the form required by Cell C (available on its website), and must provide any additional information requested by Cell C within 30 days of such request.

  • If my incident is rejected what do I do?

If the incident is rejected, the subscriber has the full right to dispute the outcome by writing a letter of appeal [stating the reason(s)] and faxing this letter to 084 14 329 or e-mail to custserv@cellc.co.za

  • How long will the appeal process take?

The appeal gets escalated to an independent consultant and the required T.A.T. (turnaround time) is 48 hours.

  • How will I be notified of the outcome of the appeal?

The subscriber will be notified in writing of the outcome either by fax or by e-mail or alternatively by a telephone call by one of the C-Cover administrators.

  • What is a contract?

A contract is a legal agreement between you and Cell C. A contract allows you access to certain services at certain rates for a specified time period.

  • What is my monthly limit

Your monthly limit, available on Cell C contracts, is the amount agreed between Cell C and yourself for expenditure on calls. When reaching this limit, an SMS (Short Message Service) will be sent to notify you.

  • The difference between a one-month, 12-month, and 24-month contract?

It's the flexibility you get in choosing the option that suits your needs. Depending on the contract period the cellphone subsidy you get may also vary.

  • Where can I find a contract?

You can apply for a contract at any Cell C franchise store, AutoPage Cellular, Nashua Mobile or Cell C Direct.

  • Who approves my contract?

Final approval of your contract application is done by us after a credit check.

  • Why choose a Cell C contract?

Cell C lets you choose between a one-month, 12-month and 24-month contract,with value-added services such as the Friends and Family discount, reduced call rates on international outgoing calls and per second billing. We offer contracts that are unique in the industry with choices such as included minutes or SMS's, the lowest peak rates on international and fixed line calls, telemetry and much more.

  • Why do you credit check contract applicants?

All prospective Cell C contract customers are subject to a credit check before contract connection. This is standard business practice when opening any credit account ensuring that the application is free from fraud and the like.

  • What do I need if I want a Cell C contract?

To apply for a Cell C contract you will need to provide all of the following documentation / information:

  • Fully completed subscriber agreement including package description, number of lines etc
  • Subscriber Agreement must be signed in both places and all Value added services requested must be initialled
  • Proof of income - Salary slip or bank statements
  • Proof of address (Any account depicting an address - Postal or Residential
  • Copy of ID,driver's license or passport
  • Minimum salary of R3000.00 is required
  • Debit order is mandatory

Savings Accounts and Transmission Accounts
  • 3 months bank statements OR 2 months bank statements AND a copy of a recent pay slip

Normal Current Accounts
  • 1 month bank statements AND a copy of a recent pay slip
  • Minimum 2 months bank statements AND a cancelled cheque to verify account holder details

Preferential Current Accounts
  • 1 month bank statements OR 1 month internet statements AND cancelled cheque to verify account holder details
  • Cancelled cheque to verify account holder details AND copy of linked credit card

Credit Card Accounts

Normal Credit Cards
  • Proof of income or a recent pay slip AND copy of credit card OR 2 months bank statements AND copy of credit card

Status Credit Cards and Private Banking
  • Cancelled cheque to verify account holder details from linked account AND copy of credit card OR 1 month's bank statements AND copy of credit card

  • What do I need to sign up as a corporate client?

Corporate criteria will be applied to any applicant who is not a natural person (CCs, SMEs, Sole Proprietors, Trusts etc.). There are two categories of Corporate Client each with their own requirements:

Dealer and franchise channel clients

Sole Proprietors:

  • Natural person (Individual) criteria apply

Close Corporations and SMEs:
  • Subscriber agreement signed by authorised signatory
  • Subscriber agreement clearly indicating packages, duration and VAS
  • Registration documents of CC
  • A recent processed cheque
  • 2 months bank statements reflecting the processed cheque
  • Copies of ID of authorised signatories of bank account
  • Purchase order on a letterhead or with a company stamp
  • Purchase order to be signed by authorised signatory
  • Purchase order clearly specifying packages and duration
  • A debit order

Corporate Sales Division Clients
  • Subscriber agreement signed by authorised signatory
  • Purchase order on a letterhead or with a company stamp
  • Purchase order to be signed by authorised signatory
  • Resolution to purchase
  • Resolution authorising representative
  • Registration documents of company
  • Confirmation of banking details from bank
  • No bank statements required
  • You can apply for businesschat at any of the Cell C stockists countrywide. Find your nearest outlet online

  • How do I recharge my phones?

Make sure you have money in your account, then use your Management Chat phone to recharge.

  • Where can I have my phones repaired?

You can take your phone to your closest CST office.

  • What is four language support?

This means that when you phone the Cell C call centre on 140 you have the option of being assisted in any of these four languages: English, South Sotho, Zulu or Afrikaans.

  • What number can I call for help?

Customer Service: 140
Account enquiries: 140
Emergency: 112
Directory enquiries: 146

  • What is Dual SIM?

Dual SIM means having two mobile phones with separate SIM cards that are linked, enabling you to be reached wherever you are.

  • How does Dual SIM work?

One phone must be switched off, in order to receive calls. You can dial 144 to listen to voicemail on both SIM cards.

  • How is Dual SIM billed?

You receive one bill with calls made from both phones.

  • Is my number still valid if I haven't used my phone for a long time?

Your number will remain active for 6 months if are not using your cellphone. If you do not use your number for longer than 6 months your number will be terminated and you will need to buy a new starter pack with a new number.

  • What do I do if my SIM doesn't accept new services?

Please dial 140 from your handset (or 084 140 from a non-Cell C phone) and ask for extension 1111 to have your SIM activated. Alternatively, email us at custserv@cellc.co.za for support.

  • What do I do if I need to replace my SIM card?

Take the certificate you got with your starter pack when you signed up, along with your ID, to your service provider to request a new SIM card. You will keep your old phone number but a fee will be charged.

  • What is a connection fee?

This is a once-off fee that you are charged when you subscribe that activates a new phone on a network.

  • What is a car kit?

A car kit is a cellular accessory that lets you use a cellphone in the car without having to physically hold it.

  • What is a service provider?

Service providers are accredited companies that handle all account-related functions for Cell C contract holders. They usually sell you your cellphone, arrange a connection to the network, and sends you your bills. Their other services include:

  • Billing accounts
  • Itemised billing
  • Package migration
  • Phone upgrades
  • PIN number
  • PUK number
  • Activating international roaming

  • What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a low-cost, miniaturised radio communication technology that provides communication between devices and allows for connectivity to the Internet.

  • Why am I receiving odd messages, which look like SPAM, via my Cell C Connection Manager?

You are not receiving these message because of Cell C handing out your number to any third parties. Due to rulings by ICASA – in an attempt to recycle cellphone numbers - mobile operators are required to reuse old, unused cellphone numbers which go back into a pool of available numbers. Sometimes these numbers are re-used for the Cell C data packages, in which case that number may still be registered with retailers, WASPs or other service providers. Unfortunately, there is no way for Cell C to de-register these numbers, and therefore you should look for "opt out" options on the SMS itself.  Alternatively, you can register to opt out of all marketing messaging via the Direct Marketing Association (go to hhttp://www.dmasa.org/opt-out/).

  • What is GPS?

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based radio positioning system capable of providing specific location information to suitably equipped users anywhere on earth.

  • What is GSM?

GSM represents the global standard for mobile communications. This standard is used in three frequency bands: 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz.

  • What is MSISDN?

MSISDN, or Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number, is, simply put, your cell number.

  • What is my PIN code?

Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) code protects your SIM card against unauthorised use. The PIN code is usually supplied with your SIM card. You should enable the PIN code to prevent your phone from being used without your permission.

  • What is GPRS?

GPRS, or General Packet Radio Service, is a system that allows for the transfer of information over GSM cellular networks in small packets. For example, when sending an email it would be broken down into many small packets of information and sent over the network.

  • What should I do if my cellphone is lost or stolen?

This is what you do:

  • Report the crime to your nearest police station and get a case number
  • Call the Cell C call centre on 084 140 (charged at cellular rates) with the case number
  • The call centre will fax you the blacklist form or you can download from the site. If you have signed up for C-surance, complete the insurance claim form and fax it back to us. You can download it here.
  • The Fraud division uses the completed forms to blacklist the stolen cellphone. And once the cellphone is blacklisted it is rendered useless on all three networks.

  • What are included minutes?

Inclusive minutes refer to the airtime you get as part of your monthly subscription fee on contracts. Most of our packages offer included minutes, except for telemetry and casualsms that offer included SMS's instead of talktime. Be sure to check when your included minutes are available, as some can only be used during off-peak times.

  • How do I know how many of my included minutes I have used?

Easy. Simply dial 140 from your Cell C phone and listen to the voice prompt. An automated response will inform you of your included minutes, as well as your account balance to date.

  • What if I don't use all my included minutes?

No problem. Unused minutes are carried forward to the next month.

  • What is international roaming?

International roaming lets you remain connected on your current number while travelling outside of South Africa's borders.

  • What is international call dialling?

International call dialling allows you to call international numbers from your cellphone within South Africa.

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