Lost your SIM card? Swap it for a new one

If your SIM card is lost or stolen, you can simply purchase a Cell C Numberless SIM from participating outlets and follow these easy steps: 

  1. Dial 084 140 from a landline or any other cellphone and have the following information ready:

    ID number
    3 frequently dialled numbers
    Last recharge information
    New SIM card serial number
  2. Wait 24 hours before inserting the new SIM card into your cellphone

Don't register for RICA again if you have already done so If you have not been RICA'd, do the SIM swap first Your previous benefits of your old SIM card still apply, only the SIM number changes Numberless SIMs are available at most outlets the SIM swap will take 24 hours to process You do not have to purchase a specific HLR (Home Location Register) in order to be activated on your existing cellphone number.

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