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Uber Promotion

Get ready to start binging on black!

All Cell C customer now get unlimited data to watch world-class entertainment on black, to enjoy movies, series, kids' shows, music sport and more, without incurring any data costs!

To access this exclusive unlimited free data for streaming and downloading black entertainment simply:

  • Download the GETblack or Visit
  • Register for black
  • Purchase and pay for the desired content
  • Start binging your favorites and enjoy black - you will automatically not incur any data costs for watching any of the content!

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The promotion is valid from 07 May 2018 to 30 June 2019. The zero-rated data is for browsing, downloading and streaming on black ONLY. No other usage is allowed. Customers cannot extend the validity of the zero-rated data beyond 30 June 2019. Click below for full terms and conditions.

  1. It is important that you understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions in order for you to participate in the Cell C Zero Rated black promotion, in which all eligible Cell C customers will have access to unlimited black data for streaming and downloading content ("the Promotion").
  2. All standard Terms and Conditions of Cell C Limited, Cell C Service Provider Company (Pty) Ltd and existing black Terms and Conditions apply.
  3. The Promotion will be available to ALL Cell C customers (including XSP customers) which shall include the following plans:
    1. Contract voice and data plans
    2. Prepaid voice and data plans
  4. The Promotion is valid from 07 May 2018 at 00h00 to 30 June 2019 at 23h59 ("Promotional period").
  5. The Promotion will not be available to the following customers:
    1. Hotlined customers
    2. Customers in arears
    3. Prepaid customers with no positive airtime balance
    4. customers utilizing the black service via the set top box (STB)
  6. There is no activation required and all Cell C customers will automatically be provisioned for the Promotion.
  7. In order to access the Promotion black data for streaming and downloading, customers are required to:
    1. download the GETblack app and register for the service OR
    2. visit and register for the service AND
    3. purchase and pay for content on black.
  8. The free usage is not capped for the promotional period. In other words, there is no fair usage policy.
  9. All qualifying customers must be aware that they are still required to purchase and pay for the content subscription. It is only the black data that is required to stream or download the content that is free.
  10. The Promotion applies to black data used on the Cell C network only. In other words:
    1. No roaming on Vodacom is allowed;
    2. International usage is not allowed;
  11. The Promotion black data cannot be transferred to normal Cell C data or converted to Rand value.
  12. The Promotion black data will take priority over any other black data over the specified promotional period.
  13. Out of bundle usage will not be recorded over the promotional period (i.e. no customer will be billed for any black data usage).
  14. Any usage relating to browsing, downloading and streaming will not be depleted from the customer's black data counter which consists of:
    1. available black DATA bundle;
    2. Campaign rewarded black data; and
    3. Any other black data available to the customer prior to the promotion.
  15. The Promotion black data is for browsing, downloading and streaming on black ONLY.
  16. No other usage is allowed
  17. Cell C reserves the right to terminate the Promotion at its sole discretion with notice of 24 hours and less to customers.
  18. The network team will assess the performance of the network after the promotion has started and may decide to continue or stop the promotion if the performance is affected.
  19. The following services are excluded from the Promotion :
    1. Clickabet
    2. TicketPro