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Push-to-Locate (PTL) is design to locate and track all mobile staff movements for increased safety and worker efficiency. Push to Locate, in addition to Push-to-Talk and Push-to-IM (Instant Message) will assist companies in making more informed decisions. Considering delivery or collection of products, services, emergency breakdowns or any logistical issues, the Push-to-Locate service performs perfectly for retrieval and reporting purposes.The location service is well-suited to most sectors including Transportation, Security, Construction, Healthcare and Mining.


  • Scheduling of location updates
  • Locations stored for future reporting
  • Location prompt key for immediate location update
  • Users locations stored according to configuration
  • Free PC dispatcher software if you have 5 or more PTL licenses
  • PTT Operating System Supported
    • Android : Android OS version 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and later versions
    • iOS 7, iOS 9+ and later versions
  • PTT Rugged Device Supported : RG310


  • Make informed decisions
  • Fully manageable
  • Reduce unnecessary journeys
  • Audit logs of staff locations
  • Locate staff in an emergency
  • Improve response times
  • Track on demand
R195 (INC. VAT)


To track the physical whereabouts of employees who use PTT Locate, you will also have to sign a contract with Instacom. Instacom will install PC client on your company administrator's computer. Instacom will provide training and support on this application. Customers qualify for 1 x free PC Client application per customer based on a minimum of 10 licences, as part of your contract and will be charged R75 (ex VAT) for any additional PC Client applications if required for your business. This is a separate monthly bill that will be sent to the client by Instacom. All support service is provided by Instacom.

Contact Instacom Customer Support: 087 260 3051