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  • Employee keeps his/her device, contract and cellphone number when he/she leaves the company.
  • Employer has no liability for a contract and the possibility of a damaged device when an employee leaves his/her employment. Should the employer require a new line for a replacement employee, the new employee simply purchases a new Cell C contract.
  • Allows companies to control their monthly communication costs by specifying an account limit per employee. Each employee will receive a bill from Cell C for his/her personal usage.

Dual Benefit Billing is ideally suited to:

  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


  • The employer and employee are credit vetted.
  • Both employer and employee sign a Dual Benefit Authorisation form.
  • The employee completes an Individual Subscriber Agreement and activates a Cell C contract in his/her personal capacity.
  • The employee is legally liable for the contract.
  • The employee has a right to keep the device when they leave employment and must continue with monthly payments in terms of the contract.
  • Employees with existing contracts can change employment and take advantage of employer allowances.
  • Companies do not have to reassign devices and contracts from an existing pool to new resources.
  • Employees, while in the employment of the company, will benefit from the company cellphone benefits offered such as discounts and allowances. The individual employee account is linked to the company account, which will allow for the company benefits to be automatically applied.