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Multi-Data Connect

Share data across devices on one data plan.

Multi-Data Connect service conveniently lets you share data across multiple devices using one data plan. Multi-Data Connect will change how you buy and use data and creates the simplicity you have been waiting for.


  • Consolidate all your data plans into one. Multiple devices can now simultaneously consume data from one account
  • Get one bill for all your usage
  • Now you only have one data contract
  • Connect up to 14 SIMs to share data. Activate your choice of Cell C SmartData package and share data on your linked SIMs across all your devices
  1. Can I add Multi-Data Connect to my existing Postpaid or Prepaid account?
    Yes you can, Multi-Data Connect is a value added service available to existing Postpaid, Hybrid and Prepaid customers. It can be bundled as an add-on to your account.
  2. Where can I activate Multi-Data Connect?
    Multi-Data Connect can be activated in store at all Cell C stores, franchise outlets or through your Business Sales and Government Sales representatives.
  3. How do I share data?
    Activate your contract at a Cell C store or through a franchise, purchase the additional SIMs and link up to 14 SIMs to one primary account and share data across all SIMs. For existing customer, purchase the additional SIMs at a Cell C store or Franchise and link the SIMs instore. Once complete the linked SIMs will share data from the Primary account.
  4. Do other data bundle types allow you to share data?
    Yes, all data bundles can be shared across the SIMs, except for Infinity products or products/bundles with an unlimited value including Dual SIM and Bulk APN.
  5. Who pays for the data shared?
    The primary account is billed for all data usage and the data shared with all linked SIMs.
  6. How many SIMs can I share data with?
    You can link up to 14 SIMs on Multi-Data Connect to one primary account or SIM card.
  7. How much data can I share?
    You can share all the data available on the primary SIM account that is shared across all your SIM cards. This includes in-bundle data and data bundles bought on the primary account, as well data bundles bought on any of the linked SIMs.
  8. How long does the shared data valid for?
    Data will continue to be shared with all linked SIMs as long as the primary SIM is active or as long as the linked SIM is active and linked to a primary SIM.
  9. Is Multi-Data Connect available to existing customers or new customers only?
    Multi-Data Connect is available to new and existing customers, including consumers, business and government customers.
  10. Is there a limit of how much data can be shared?
    No, you can share as much data as you like, as long as there is a bundle available on primary and linked SIMs.
    • For prepaid customers, as long as there is a positive balance
    • For Top Up customers, as long as there is in-bundle data or a data bundle is bought
    • For postpaid customers, as long as your monthly usage limit has not been reached on the primary SIM.
  11. Is there a SIM and Connection Fee?
    No, there is no SIM and Connection fee for Multi-Data Connect, only a R5 subscription fee for each linked SIM activated under the primary account.
  12. How is the primary account billed for the linked SIMs?
    For prepaid customers, the primary account must have a positive balance within a 30-day period or 30-days from the day of activation. For Top Up and postpaid customers, a R5 subscription fee will be billed to the primary account.
  13. Who can add or remove linked SIMs?
    Only the primary SIM holder can add or remove or delink linked SIMs from the primary account.