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Do you find that you and your employees spend more than you expect per month?

Usage Limits allows you to set a limit to each line on your account so that you can ensure that you manage your spend per month. Once the limit is reached, the line is barred - no longer permitting outgoing calls and data usage for the duration of the month or until you top up or increase your limit.

Usage Limits allow business owners to predetermine how much airtime an employee may spend after the value provided in the subscription is used up. Usage Limits can be set up from R50 and upwards. You will receive an SMS when you are about to go out of bundle on data, where you can then top up.


Usage Limits will not be able to protect the individual or company when roaming internationally. Unfortunately, overseas operators do not provide Cell C with billing information in real time, meaning that, there could be delays in receiving international roaming data records onto our system. This means that you could go over your bill limit after you have returned to South Africa and be barred. International calls and any usage while roaming is billed in addition to the minutes and data bundles received with one's monthly subscription.

In addition to the high call rates associated with roaming, data costs can be exceptionally high. In some countries data roaming could cost as much as R300/MB, where Cell C charges from R0.05/MB in South Africa. If roaming is not monitored, this could lead to exorbitant bills.

Cell C strongly advises that data services are turned off while roaming and used only in Wi-Fi hotspots during one's travels and sign up for Wi-Fi Calling.

Set up your usage limit when activating your lines and prevent bill shock.