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Closed User Group

SME Closed User Group is intended for the small business market. With this product, business owners can include all their employees who are on the Cell C network, including those on prepaid, in a Closed User Group where they will pay 76c per minute for calls between members of the group.

WIFI Calling

Wi-Fi Calling extends your coverage even when you don't have cellphone signal. It lets you turn any network into your own personal Cell C tower to make calls and send SMSs over a Wi-Fi network, using your current plan at no additional charges.

Sponsored Data

Sponsored Data allows employees to log orders on a business platform or perform other online tasks, while they out of the office and if they run out of data while on the road. Customers can get online browse and interact with a business website without having to pay for the data they used.

Multi- Data Connect

Multi-Data Connect service conveniently lets you share data across multiple devices using one data plan. Multi-Data Connect will change how you buy and use data and creates the simplicity you have been waiting for. The benefits are consolidate all your data plans into one, multiple devices can now simultaneously consume from one account.

C Surance

C Surance is a comprehensive cellphone insurance with cover for up to R25 000 at very affordable premiums. This covers against theft, accidental physical loss and accidental physical damage.

Keep Your Number

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) gives cellphone users the ability to move to another network and still retain their number. Your company employees will be able to retain their current cellphone numbers when moving lines over to Cell C through the MNP process.

Dual benefit billing

Dual benefit Billing is a new billing methodology for corporates, government and SME's who offer subsidies and cellular benefits to their employees. The key value proposition of dual benefit billing; besides cost control is that the employees takes ownership of the contract whole continuing to get across to the employer cellphone benefits.

Bill Limits

Bill Limits allows you to set a limit to each line on your account so that you can ensure that you manage your spend per month. Once the limit is reached, the line is barred - no longer permitting outgoing calls and data usage for the duration of the month or until you top up or increase your limit.