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Cell C Equitable ICT Access

As Cell C, we optimise our network and aim to provide equitable access to affordable digital technologies to help transform and empower disadvantaged communities in the areas of health, women and education. Improving access to information and communication technology increases entrepreneurial opportunities.

Free Basics

Free Basics by Facebook provides people with access to useful services on their mobile devices in markets where internet access may be less affordable. All Cell C customers can access via their mobile internet browser without any data charges.
The following websites are included on Free Basics (covering industries such as Health, News, Education, Finance, Communication, Marketplace and Women):

  1. BabyCenter & MAMA
  2. BBC News
  3. BeSmart
  4. FunDza
  5. Bing
  6. Careers24
  7. Cell C
  8. D-Siders
  9. Your Money
  10. Facebook
  11. Gumtree
  12. Health24
  13. HIV360
  14. Intel She Will Connect
  15. LoveWords
  16. Money Matters
  17. News24
  18. Girl Effect
  19. OLX
  20. Scholars4Dev
  21. SmartBusiness
  22. SuperSport
  23. iLearn
  24. Facts for Life
  25. Wattpad
  26. wikiHow
  27. Wikipedia
  28. WorldReader

Cell C Cyber Safety

As a responsible ICT company we are invested in the safety and responsible use of the internet and social media platforms. Cell C has partnered with NPO, Active Education Foundation and the Department of Basic Education, to educate youngsters about social media, cyber threats, cyber-attacks, cybercrime and cyber bullying.

Just a handful of the side effects of cyber bullying include:

  • Undermined confidence
  • Affecting performance and school attendance
  • A feeling of helplessness and loneliness
  • Depression and stress

The Cell C Cyber Safety road show targets primary schools across South Africa and cover topics such as:

  • Cyberbullying and how to protect yourself
  • What is social media and what are the dangers?
  • How to have fun with your device in a safe manner
  • What is data and how to manage your usage of resources?
  • Protect your device digitally and against theft and damage
  • Passwords and the importance of protecting your identity
  • What are viruses?
  • Apps, booby traps and many more...


The development and support of women has been the core focus of our company's CSI initiatives since inception. As such we are proud supporters of MomConnect, (a public-private partnership between the National Ministry of Health, a consortium of implementing partners and other mobile network operators) that aim to reduce maternal and child mortality in SA.

MomConnect provides health-related support messages to pregnant and new moms via SMS notifications. It ensures pregnant and new moms receive timely information that enables them to look after their own health and care for their new-borns. It covers breastfeeding, immunisation, family planning, oral rehydration during diarrhea and reminders when to visit clinics for check-ups after their babies are born.

The programme also has a feedback loop where pregnant moms can ask questions and it's available in all 11 official languages. The number *134*550# is the one-stop-line for pregnant mothers to dial where they can get all the information they need.

Since inception in 2014 Cell C has donated discounted SMS and USSD support in kind towards MomConnect, contributing towards the free service used by 2 million South African mothers and mothers-to-be. It is the largest programme of its kind in the world.

Thanks to the remarkable success of MomConnect, the Department of Health has also introduced NurseConnect. The programme provides free maternal and child health messages via SMS and a mobile website to more than 21 000 registered nurses and midwives.


CHOMA is an initiative by HIVSA. It is an interactive digital mobile magazine targeted primarily at young women and adolescents girls aged between 15 and 25 years. Choma is your best friend, your big sister, the person that you can trust, confide in, relate to, and receive credible information on HIV Prevention, Gender Based Violence, Health, Love & Relationships, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, and Entertainment and more. Choma engages with the youth through both fun and serious subject matters, but with the overall vision of connecting to young females, inspiring healthier life choices and contributing towards the next HIV free generation in South Africa.

Cell C zero rated for all Cell C customers.