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You can always connect with a Cell C Connect4Free bundle.

Cell C's CONNECT4FREE gives you free access to ensure you can always connect when you most need to, whether it be for the latest news and information, finding a job or career tips, keeping healthy or just staying connected to loved ones.

With CONNECT4FREE you have access to:

  • Free Basics to browse specific sites plus Free Facebook access
  • 5 Free Cell C to Cell C SMSs per day (from the Cell C App and website)
  • 7 Free Please Call Me's per day
  • Daily 250KB data bundle

Stay connected. Be informed. Be safe.

Need to access one of the CONNECT4FREE services? Just follow the easy steps below:

Free Basics

To find out more about Free Basics, click here.

5 Free Cell C to Cell C SMSs

To send a free SMS, log into your online profile and select 'Send Free SMS'. If you are not registered click 'Register Now' and follow the easy process.

7 Free Please Call Me's

To send a Please Call Me dial *111*phone number# and press dial OR you can dial *147*911# and send your please call me. The person will receive an SMS letting them know you want to contact them.

You can also personalise your Please Call Me message to include your name or other details in order for the receiver to know who is trying to contact him/her. You can personalise your Please Call Me by dialling *111*1# and following the on-screen prompts.

CONNECT4FREE Daily Data bundle

If you are on a prepaid plan you qualify for this free bundle to keep you connected. Simply dial *123# and follow the on-screen prompts.

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