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Leaving your comfort zone?

  • GPRS/3G automatic and free service downloads in South Africa will be charged for while roaming (emails, weather updates, RSS feeds etc.).
  • Twitter/Facebook/etc. will be charged for per MB downloaded while roaming, as per the foreign network charges.

For detailed information on our roaming policy and the cost of roaming in your destination click here


  • Turn off your data services if you don’t want to use them overseas. See how to do this for your phone below.
  • Make sure that none of your apps will override your data roaming settings and turn your data back on.
  • Use Wi-Fi hotspots when available. Many airports and hotels have free Wi-Fi.
  • If you do want to access the Internet or GPS outside of Wi-Fi hotspots, turn data roaming on only when you are using it.
  • Switch off all free services that you subscribe to (BB, Email, News, Twitter, Facebook etc.).
  • Download a data usage monitoring app. There are many available for BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Android.



1Go to Menu > Manage Connections> Mobile Network Options>

2Ensure that Data Services ‘While Roaming’ is turned off or turn ALL DATA services off

Please note: BlackBerry Smartphone services are only free while in South Africa. They will be charged for while roaming. These include BBM (charged as per SMS), email (charged as data download) and any other special services.


Delete ALL APN Settings:

1Go to Settings> General> Network> Cellular Data Network>

2Delete the content from the APN field – press Network

3Turn off Data Roaming

4Turn off Cellular Data


Delete ALL APN Settings:

1Go to Menu > Settings> Wireless & Networks> Mobile Network>

2Open Access Point Names (APN)

3Open APN

4Go to Menu > Delete APN

5Repeat for all APNs

Do you have a different phone? Please look at your phone's manual to see how to turn off data settings. If you’re still having trouble or you’d like more info call us on 140 and we’ll gladly help you out.


Cell C has partnered with cellular networks around the world to keep subscribers talking wherever they may be. Best of all, thanks to our fantastic tariffs you'll always know what you're paying, wherever you go - no "out of order" payphones that gulp down coins, no hotel phone rates, and no hefty bills when you get home. There's simply no easier way to stay connected.

Download our full documentation on International Roaming on Cell C here.

Cell C now has 570 roaming partners in 194 countries offering its subscribers access to four Maritime Services and one satellite network. Data roaming services are available on 350 roaming partner networks in 134 countries. Data roaming services are available in more than 230 3G roaming partner networks, in 109 countries.

Get It

To stay in touch wherever you go, pop in to your nearest Cell C store, phone 140 from your Cell C phone or email us.

Please note that due to Foreign Network restrictions, some Foreign Roaming subscribers may experience problems when trying to dial to international destinations.

1All calls made while roaming will be charged to your Cell C mobile phone account in South Africa.

2You will be charged for all calls, both incoming and outgoing.

3All calls and SMS charges will include the foreign network charge, plus a local roaming charge.

4These call rates will fluctuate from time to time due to the exchange rates.

5You will be charged for messages left on your voicemail if you have activated Call Forwarding Conditional (e.g. if not answered) and for retrieval of voicemail messages.

6Thresholds and Inclusive Minutes regretfully cannot be applied while roaming.

7There may be up to a 3 month delay in call charges reflecting on statements due to the late downloading of Call Data Records (CDR's) from foreign networks.

8Please note that BlackBerry smartphone services - while free in South Africa - will be charged for while roaming.