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Improving connectivity and customer experience

Improving connectivity and customer experience
For our contract and broadband customers

From mid-December, our contract and broadband customers will be enabled to roam on a partner network. This change will be beneficial to our customers and ensure a connectivity experience that delivers both quality and value. Customers will be migrated in stages, and we anticipate the transition to be complete by early February 2021. You will be alerted via SMS communication when your service will be enabled. This change will not result in any additional charges and your existing terms and conditions will remain in place.

To minimise any impact on your service and avoid disruptions to you data connectivity, please manually activate "Data Roaming" on the settings on your device or router by clicking on the relevant option:

Apple device users' data roaming will be activated automatically.

Should you continue to experience difficulties, please contact a service champion:
General customer service: 084 135

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You can watch the tutorial below on how to enable roaming on your selected device