Cell C draws R1 Million winner in Dreamcall promotion

Geniswa Jackson, an unemployed mother of one, became the first millionaire in Cell C’s DREAMCALL promotion when she entered the competition on Tuesday and found that her number was the lucky number drawn for that day.

 Geniswa Jackson and her husband, Fumbathile Sabani

The Uitenhage resident who has an 8 year-old son initially refused to believe that her life was about to change.  “I thought someone was playing a very cruel joke on me. Since I matriculated in 1995, I have not been able to find work.  I used to worry a lot about my future and that of my family.  I have always wanted to give my child a better future but times have been tough”.

Jackson, who is an avid churchgoer, said that her prayers did not fall on deaf ears. “Deep down, I’ve always known that God had something special planned for me. However, I didn’t expect him to answer my prayers in this way. They say good things come to those who wait upon the Lord.  I feel truly blessed.”

Eastern Cape’s newest millionaire said she would invest part of her winnings into a fund to ensure her son’s future education is taken care off and also plans to give money to those who have stood by her during difficult times.  “As an unemployed person, I would not have survived had it not been for my extended family, my supportive husband and my church. I will donate some funds to my community church and to a charity home that is very close to my heart.”

Cell C launched the DREAMCALL promotion on 31 October 2010 to provide customers the chance of winning more than R2,6 million in prizes, including a top prize of R1 million in cash, daily.

“We were confident that DREAMCALL would change a lot of lives,” commented Cell C’s Executive Head of Marketing, Simon Camerer. “Today, we have proof.” 

He said that the promotion was just another way Cell C was trying to improve livelihoods and enhance lifestyles.  “Cell C wants to be the possibilities provider to its customers and I believe the door to endless possibilities has just opened for Geniswa.

Cell C customers who want to enter the promotion must SMS ‘Dream’ to 14567 or call 14567 from a Cell C number and SMS or call once a day to see if their number was drawn.

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