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Enjoy endless streaming, gaming, browsing and more with uncapped Internet to your home.

T&C's apply.

See if you're covered

Why choose Fibre from Cell C?

We offer true uncapped, unshaped, unlimited Internet - no catch. On top of that, our packages include a Wi-Fi Fibre router, installation and connection. We offer a month-to-month subscription at a fixed amount for unlimited access, with no top-ups and no extra bills.


No caps or limits - use as much as you want, we won't cut you off or slow you down


Whether you're emailing, gaming or streaming, you'll get the same fast speeds


Blazing-fast connection speeds, all the way up to 1GBps

Included router and setup

Get a Wi-Fi router with personal device setup

Getting Fibre

Getting connected with Fibre is a 3 step process, beginning with checking availability in your area. If you're covered, the provider will then need to install Fibre at your premises. At this point we will activate your line, and then deliver your router (and SIM card for Fibre Connector plans)

Our provider partners

We've partnered up a wide (and growing) range of Fibre Network Operators to provide high-speed uncapped, unshaped fibre connectivity to as many areas as possible

Cell C Fibre Support:

084 143 4273

24/7 support available

Cell C Fibre Sales:

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