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You expected more from your cellular network, and we're delivering more. Check out our wide range of services here:

  • Dual SIM - You don't have to have multiple personalities to qualify for dual SIM, it simply means that you can have two mobile phones with separate SIM cards that are linked, enabling you to be reached wherever you are.
  • Voice mailbox - answers your incoming calls when you are unavailable.
  • Faxmail - allows you to receive fax messages in your voice mailbox.
  • Emergency services - dial 112 to call police, fire or ambulance services.
  • Directory enquiries - dial 146 to find white and yellow pages numbers.
  • Customer service - dial 140 for information and assistance.
  • Call barring - bar calls and prevent unauthorised use of your cellphone.
  • Call waiting - lets you know someone else is trying to get through while you're on a call.
  • Call holding - lets you put one call on hold while you make or take another.
  • Call forwarding - forward calls to another number.
  • Call me back - it's free, it's convenient, it's simple, and you can use it 7 times a day across all mobile networks.
  • Per second billing from the first second - why pay for more than you actually use?
  • *Itemised billing - get the details of each call that you made (*monthly cost attached) Terms and Conditions Apply
  • Emergency Medical Care - Cell C has got you covered in more ways than one, thanks to our sponsorship of ER24, one of South Africa's leading emergency medical care networks. This sponsorship ensures that ER24 are able to provide you with swift and effective medical care whenever you need it.