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Cell C | LTE

What is LTE?

Cell C brings you reliable and super-fast internet on your smartphone or tablet. LTE gives you a faster Internet experience with speeds up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload. With LTE being faster than 3G, you will experience faster online gaming, video streaming, music and app downloads. Get the better data experience with network-enhanced quality.

Why do I need to get LTE?

LTE offers faster download and upload speeds that will considerably improve your Internet experience. With LTE you can stream music and video, upload and download faster. You can essentially use your mobile or tablet like a fixed line Internet connection.

How am I charged for LTE?

With LTE, you simply use your current plan and are charged according to your current plan rates.

How do I know if I am already connected to LTE?

If you already have an LTE enabled Cell C USIM and Device, LTE might automatically be enabled on some devices when an LTE network is available. The 4G LTE enabled icon will appear on your device if LTE is enabled.

How do I know if I have a Cell C USIM?

The USIM is either blue or black. All new devices will receive a re-pluggable SIM that you can break out depending on the size of the SIM required for your device.

What is the LTE coverage in your area?

Click here to see detailed information about the LTE coverage area by searching this map.

How does it work?

LTE is quite simple, here is how to go about using Cell C's LTE feature:

How does it work?
What to do if I am not registered for LTE?

Contact Cell C Customer Care or visit any of our Cell C stores and request to be registered for LTE.

You must have a LTE compatible device to benefit from LTE.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a new high-speed wireless data standard with higher capacity and coverage in areas where there's no ADSL infrastructure. LTE, also known as 4G, offers you faster download and upload speeds compared to 2G and 3G networks. With LTE, you will notice an improved experience in downloading, video streaming and online gaming.

  • You must have the latest Cell C USIM. This SIM card is blue in colour.
  • You must have a compatible LTE-enabled device.
  • You must be provisioned and be connected to LTE on the Cell C network.
  • You must be in an LTE coverage area.
  • Significantly improved data speeds
  • Best value LTE deals
  • Lowest in bundle data rates
  • A variety of LTE data offers to choose from
  • Faster download and upload speeds.
  • Improved streaming experience with no buffering.
  • Faster transfer of files over the internet.
  • Improved Voice over IP quality.
  • Cell C offers the most competitive LTE deals in the market.
  • LTE offers the lowest in bundle data rates.
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  • Cell C LTE coverage will be rolled out countrywide.
  • There might be areas where there is no LTE coverage, Cell C will continue to upgrade the network in areas where LTE coverage is limited, in due course. Visit coverage-map to check if you have coverage.

In areas where there is no LTE coverage, your device will automatically connect to the 2G or 3G network. The handover is seamless and no connectivity issues will be experienced.

Although most modern devices are LTE compatible, some devices may not be compatible. It is recommended that the latest LTE device list is viewed on the Cell C to ensure compatibility.

There are no additional costs for LTE.If you have the latest USIM,LTE enabled device ,you will experience LTE speeds on your device.