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Cell C | LTE Home & Office
what is fixed lte?

Cell C brings you reliable and super-fast internet for your home or office. It provides connectivity to all Wi-Fi enabled devices when connected to a LTE-enabled CPE Router. Connect up to 32 devices on a CPE Router making it easier for you and your staff to all be connected with super-fast internet.

With LTE being faster than 3G, you will experience faster online gaming, video streaming, music and app downloads. Get the better data experience with network-enhanced quality. LTE gives you a faster internet experience with speeds of up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload. Check whether you have coverage to ensure the best possible speeds.

  1. Check whether you have Fixed LTE coverage where you wish to use this service.
  2. If you have connectivity, Cell C has amazing deals available on CPE Routers that are LTE-enabled and will get you connected in no time or purchase a router and get a data contract that suits your needs.

Call Cell C customer care on 0841555555 for LTE setup guidance or alternatively download these helpful User Guides.


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