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What is Desktop Software?

Connection Manager Software is the unique interface designed to enrich your mobile broadband experience. All USB SpeedSticks supplied and approved by Cell C include industry standard Connection Manager Software.

The Connection Manager Software allows you to connect to the internet, check your balances, recharge your account as well as view your signal strength or connection type (EDGE, WCDMA, HSPA+).

How to update:

Update your Connection Manager Software to the latest version right here.

Windows users can download our How-to-guide and follow the simple steps to upgrade your Connection Manager Software.

Mac users can go to a Cell C store near them to upgrade their Connection Manager Software or download our easy to use How-to-guide for Windows to do it themselves.

Operating system support:

Windows XP 32 Bit SP3
Vista 64 Bit
7 32 Bit
7 64 Bit

Mac OS 10.4.11 (Tiger)
10.5.8 (Leopard)
10.6.3/4 (Snow Leopard)
10.7 (Lion)
10.8 (Mountain Lion)
10.10.2 (Yosemite)

Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 800 MHz 32-bit (x86) processor (recommended minimum 1.3GHz)
  • 510 MB of system memory (recommended minimum 1 GB)
  • 100 MB of free HDD space
  • One free USB port

The requirements above refer to the minimum hardware requirement for these Connection Managers. The operating system could have other requirements that, in practise, make it impossible to run the Connection Manager. For instance, to effectively run Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft recommends a 1GHz processor and 1GB of system memory.

Download our How-To-Guide before updating your Connection Manager Software

how-to download guide

1what type of speedstick do you have?

Dont know which speedstick you have? Visit speedstick types to find out.

*Only Cell C Prepaid and Contract data customers can download this software for FREE.

Click here to download the user guide

Click here to download an easy to use How-to-download-guide

  1. How do I get started?

    To start the Cell Connector, do one of the following:

    • Click the Connector desktop icon
    • Select programs > Cell C > CONNECTOR in the Windows start menu
  2. How do I get online?

    To start using the mobile internet connection, all you need to do is click the Connect button on the Connection tab or one of the program launch buttons on the Applications tab.

  3. How do I send SMSs from the Connector?

    Using the SMS section of Connector, you can send and receive text messages and manage your SIM card contacts from your computer.

    To open the SMS Section, click the envelope icon in the Connection tab in the main window of the program.

    To compose and send a text message:

    • Select a message folder and click the New button, or select the Actions ›New SMS menu. The Message window opens.
    • Enter the recipient’s mobile phone number in the To box. If there are several recipients , separate the numbers with a semicolon (;) you can also add recipients by clicking To and then select name(s) in your Contacts list (hold the Ctrl button and click names to select multiple recipients)
    • Type your message in the Message box and click Send
  4. Can I enable/disable the security PIN code on the SIM card?
    • Yes. Select SETTINGS > PIN Management menu. The Change PIN window appears.
    • Select No PIN to disable PIN code or select Use PIN to enable it.
    • If the following boxes Current PIN, New PIN and Confirm PIN are displayed, you can change the PIN code. To do that, enter the Old PIN code in the Current PIN box and type the New PIN code in both then NEW PIN and Confirm PIN boxes
  5. How do I check my account balance?

    Open the Account tab and click the CHECK button under Account Enquiry. You will then see a notification in the Response area with your account balance.

  6. How do I recharge my pre-paid and top-up account?

    You can use the Account tab to recharge your Cell C account if you have purchased a voucher.

    To recharge, enter your voucher PIN under Account Enquiry and click the Recharge button. You will then see a notification in the Response area with your account balance.

  7. How do I buy data bundles on the Cell C CONNECTOR?

    You can use the Account tab to buy data bundles from Cell C Connector.

    To do so, enter a Rand value into the input box below the BUY button and Click this button. You will then see a notification in the Response area with the result of your action.

    You can receive more information on data bundle tariffs from the Cell C Website by clicking the link below the input box

  8. Can I access the User- Guide on the Cell C CONNECTOR?

    Yes, a printable copy of the Complete User Guide is accessible by selecting Help›Your Data Guide menu on the Connector application.

  9. Can I change the Network type?

    Yes, to select the Network type, simply follow the following steps:

    • Select Networks›Networks Mode menu
    • Click one of the following:
      • Fastest Connection Only
      • Fastest Connection preferred
      • 2G only (GPRS/EDGE)
  10. Can I set the Connector to auto-connect?

    Yes. Select the Setting â€º Auto-Connect menu to allow the Connector to initiate a connection each time you start the program. Simply deselect the Auto-Connect menu if you wish to initiate all connections.

  11. How do I quit the Connector?

    Select FILE > EXIT menu to quit the Connector.

  1. A Windows popped up showing “Side by side configuration error” and the Cell C Connector doesn`t work. What should I do?

    This is an error with a Windows function called vcredist.It's a component that is commonly distributed with and installed by other programs to make sure windows has all it needs to run the program. Please refer to // for more detailed information about the vcredist. To resolve your problem try one of the following:

    • Uninstall the connection manager and also any vcredist you find on your computer (Start Menu > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs) then reinstall the connection manager. OR
    • download the appropriate vcredist packages (2005 and 2008) from then run the installers on your computer.
  2. The Cell C Connector doesn`t find the device, what should I do?

    Client reports “Device not found”:
    Some computers take longer to find the device. If after 30 seconds the device was not found, try removing and re-inserting the device. If this does not work, then check if there is a SIM card inserted into the modem. If you have a SIM card in the modem then what has probably happened is that another program is occupying the necessary COM-ports your modem needs to communicate with the connection manager. Please revise open programs on your computer and make sure no other connection manager software is being run (Go to Add-Remove Programs and check there). Sometimes a connection manager can be configured to automatically install on your computer even if you do not know about it.

  3. Is the traffic data correct?

    The traffic counter is showing an amount of data not corresponding to your expectations:

    There is a couple of things that can cause this. First of all the traffic counter stores its data in your personal profile on your computer. If more than one person in the household is using the modem with different user profiles you will get several traffic counter logs which sums up to your total data consumption.

    Likewise, if you move your device between two or more computers each computer will have a log with the data consumption on that computer, adding them together will give you the total figure.

    Even so, since different measuring points might give different results you may see a discrepancy between the data shown in your traffic counter and the data billed by your operator. Usually, mismatches are not more than five percent. Please consider the traffic counter as more of a guideline than an exact measurement.

  4. My Cell C Connector doesn`t connect. What should I do?

    Connection Manager fails to connect:

    This can come from several different problems. Most common is that an incorrect APN (Access Point Name) has been set for the connection.

    Another issue that can prevent you from connecting is corruption of the RAS (Remote Access Service) Phonebook. For example if you are running another connection manager as well as the Cell C Connector. Please verify that the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\Rasphone.pbk" file contains an entry named 1.3G for 3G connections. If there is none the RAS Phonebook is most likely locked by another connection manager. Please check open programs on your computer and close any other connection mangers, then restart the Cell C Connector.

    • To resolve this on PC: Go to "settings > Advanced Settings > Connection". Then select the appropriate connection and choose "properties" in the "General Tab" select "Properties" again and then in the 2G/3G/HSPA tab type the correct Access Point Name for your operator.
    • For Mac - In the application menu bar, choose "preferences" under the "Profile" tab select the appropriate profile name and then enter your operators APN in the appropriate field. (Named APN)
  5. My anti-virus program found a virus “wilog.exe” and blocked it. Now the Cell C Connector doesn`t work. What should I do?

    Our software manipulates the Internet connections and this, to some anti-virus programs, might look suspicious. Wilog.exe is not a virus, is part of what makes the connection manager software work. Please set your anti virus to allow Wilog.exe to work. We have reported cases that this error disappears without the user`s interference, after a couple of weeks.

  6. When I click on an application link, in Cell C Connector, why doesn`t it open in my default browser?

    Default web browser does not open when trying to launch a browser from the software: This situation can happen when the user clicks an Application`s icon and they expect their default browser to open. This is a rare Windows bug and it mostly happens in Windows 7 because this OS does not refresh all registry settings for default browser properly. If you set another default browser it will behave as expected.

  7. I plug-in the dongle but nothing happens. Why doesn`t Cell C Connector auto-install?

    This is because your computer is set to not allow auto-install. You have to open the device in a Computer Browser/File Browser and manually start the installation by double clicking the device. Please note that Mac computers don't have the auto-install feature, installation will always have to be initiated manually by the user; by simply double clicking the desktop icon .

  8. I have a Mac and I am asked to set up a network interface. How do I do that?

    Simply  cancel (see diagram below), the Cell C Connector will automatically set up the interface.  This only happens for Mac users, occasionally.


  9. I installed the Cell C Connector on Vista but it doesn`t find a network. What should I do?

    Sometimes, after the first installation of the Cell C Connector on Vista, the user needs to reboot the computer. This is needed only for the Nokia device and it does happen occasionally.After the reboot, the Cell C Connector will work as expected.