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It could mean that the USB port you are using is faulty. Plug your speed stick into a different port and try again. If this fails, check your network connection status to see if there is an active data connection.

Update your setting by selecting "WCDMA" under the "Options" menu under "Network" settings. Set preferred network to LTE or WCDMA (fastest connection). Remember to press the "Apply" button at the bottom left corner of the Connection Manager to save your settings. If it displays "EDGE", it means you are outside the coverage of the 3G Cell C network. To check for coverage, please refer to our Coverage Map on our website, fill in your address and find out whether you are within a 3G coverage area. Our coverage increases every day, so if your address is currently not within the 3G coverage, just wait and you will soon be covered. For modem compatibility, please refer to the "Modem Compatibility" section of the Terms and Conditions.

Coverage refers to areas where Cell C has network available enabling you to make calls, send SMS's and use data.

Click on this link to view the Cell C network coverage map.