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Social Life

Social Life

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"Book a table at my local restaurant"

"What are the top things to do in Jozi for teens?"

"Arrange a hot air balloon experience for two"

"Tell me about the latest superhero movie releases"

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getMore workLife

Work Life

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"Book a hot desk at a coworking space"

"Find accredited IT courses"

"Get me the best uncapped fibre deal"

"Give me info on the latest in-demand skills"

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getMore homeLife

Home Life

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"Get groceries for the week"

"Hook me up with an online tutor"

"Best price on paint - 'coral tree' colour?"

"Find me a reliable baby sitter"

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getMore personalLife

Personal Life

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"Pick up my washing from the laundromat"

"Book my next virtual yoga class"

"How do I renew my driver's licence"

"What are the best sleeping apps?"

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Ask us anything from connecting a wireless device to harvesting home-grown veggies to finding a life-sized, inflatable llama. We share the same experiences as you, so who better to ask to help you out, and save you time and cash, than us? Try us!

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